Change business processes into easy SharePoint workflows

This session by Dominik Daniewski was first presented at the SPBiz online conference, June 18 2015. Now it is open for everyone to watch!




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By learning how to effectively use SharePoint workflows to model business processes power users and IT pros can radically cut time and costs of implementing new processes in the company's IT environment. Choosing the well-known collaboration platform means access to a vast body of knowledge easy to transfer, less misunderstandings and no additional hidden cost. As a result, compared to other business solutions, SharePoint workflows in the same time your project require less people and resources and offer a bigger chance of success.

Features Covered:

  • workflows
  • process management

Session Objectives:

  • how to fast and easy model SharePoint workflows
  • how to enable effective collaboration between Business and IT users
  • how to manage the whole SharePoint workflow system


Dominik Daniewski is Datapolis SharePoint developer and presales engineer.