Guest Expert Webinar: Limitations of SharePoint Designer

notebookSharePoint workflows are great at streamlining and tracking processes, but their deployment can pose a challenge, starting from chooing the right tool. SharePoint Designer is a free (therefore obvious) solution but it has limitations a professional workflow architect must be aware of. This webinar will explain in which workflows are easy enough for SPD and which require looking for other tools.





After watching this webinar you will learn how to:

 Improve processes with workflow logic 

✓ Select the type of workflow which works the best for your process 

 Use Visual Studio to create custom workflows for large-scale complex processes 

✓ Choose SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio or 3rd party solutions depending on your needs 



Bjoern H. RappBjoern H. Rapp is Senior Software Engineer at Steria Norge, Microsoft SharePoint MVP, and the author of the book "Beginning SharePoint 2013 Workflows" . In his native Norway he is a leading figure of the local SharePoint community, organizing such events as SharePoint Saturday Oslo. Visit his blog: