Process improvement using SharePoint workflows

altWatch this Datapolis webinar to learn how to analyze and improve dysfunctional business processes. Kay Wise, shares secrets learned over a lifetime of designing, implementing and improving business processes. See how to picture data flowing through a process, how to improve handoffs as information is passed from one person to another and how to implement SharePoint workflows that fit for each participant, ensuring that the process moves forward smoothly until the job is complete.


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After watching this webinar you will learn how to:

✓ Improve processes with workflow logic

✓ Translate improved processes to SharePoint environment

✓ Choose the type of workflow which works the best for your process

✓ Organize SharePoint workflows into a coherent process system




Kay Wise, Principal of Wise Choice Consulting Co. Kay's professional experience includes program management for the American National Red Cross, semantic network research at Creighton University, designing management information systems for Applied Communications Inc., managing ERP and SEPG teams for First Data Corp, and designing SharePoint systems with Datapolis Workbox for Dubai Consultancy Research & Media Centre (b'huth). In 2013 she returned to Omaha to live and work, continuing to write and consult on business systems and process improvement.