What are Datapolis applications?

Datapolis applicationsDatapolis applications are stand-alone objects which perform a series of sub-processes or activities that can reach beyond standard workflow functions. Every workflow can be packaged as a Datapolis application and used inside other workflows and by external solutions. It is enough to modify only one application in the central repository to implement changes everywhere it was used, keeping processes coherent and up-to-date. Applications can be grouped into solutions to unify a complex process or pull data from disparate sources. 

Sample Datapolis applications that you may use are:

Calculate Currency: This application converts a monetary value from one currency to another. The form where you enter data accepts a currency code and a monetary value in that currency then sends them to an application for conversion. The application checks the current exchange rate in the rates table and returns the amount in the other currency. You can set a threshold value above which the application would require manual conCompanytion before returning the amount.

Check Requester: This simple application, included in the approval workflow, checks to see whether the user making a request is the same as the designated approver. The application compares the value in the CreatedBy field to the value in the approvers name field. If those values are different, the workflow continues. If the names are the same, the workflows stops and sends a message. The application can be configured to launch actions other than interrupting the workflow.