Workflow battle: Datapolis, Nintex and K2 to face off during the European SharePoint Conference

imageMicrosoft Berlin Shootout, European SharePoint Conference – unique presentation of, Nintex and K2.

Datapolis, Nintex and K2 competed against each other in a live contest during European SharePoint Conference in Berlin on October 19th, 2011. The goal of this workflow battle was to reveal the differences between three applications and to present products’ functionality in the most comprehensive way. There were neither winners nor losers, yet the battle turned out to be the main attraction of the conference, gathering large audiences. Datapolis, represented by Paweł Wróbel, our Lead Analyst, was loudly applauded and entitled the true master of workflow. Berlin’s Shootout was originated and organised by Michael Greth, one of German MVPs specializing in Microsoft SharePoint Server.

“Clients frequently cannot spot any major differences between the products available in the market, and so they are unable to appreciate the actual business value offered by individual solutions. The Berlin Shootout was an unique initiative. Datapolis, Nintex and K2 were tasked with presenting the solution to four assignments provided by Michael Greth. That was the first attempt ever at comparing three products objectively. The conference guests had the opportunity to judge by themselves which solution offers the functionality that meets the expectations and requirements of their organisation to the fullest” says Mr Paweł Bujak, CEO,


Each of the invited companies presented a solution to four tasks announced by Michael Greth, the organiser of the contest.

Task 1: To create and publish a workflow process for Travel Request;
Task 2: To hire a new employee (create a process involving creation of an employee account, providing access to the SharePoint platform, assigning a room and desk, providing an ID card, and providing a company car);
Task 3: To present a company licensing model;
Task 4: Business analysis of the solution: what unique features characterise the given solution;


Shootout was moderated by Andrej Doms, the leader of the SharePoint Community user group in Düsseldorf.

Datapolis was represented by Paweł Wróbel, our Lead Analyst.

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