SharePoint 2010 Workflows

Datapolis Workbox 2010 is the user-friendly and flexible workflow solution for SharePoint 2010. Delivered with a graphical designer deeply integrated with SharePoint  Datapolis Workbox allows fast creation and rapid deployment of business processes and document flows within SharePoint environment. Thanks to its two-layer architecture Datapolis Workbox empowers business users to participate in business process creation and provides collaboration platform for business and technical users. Workbox workflow architecture and user interface were designed to create and handle human – centric processes: the processes aimed at the participation of people and decision-making by users.

Why Datapolis Workbox

  • Graphical Web-based designer for SharePoint 2010 workflows – easy to use, no programming required.
  • Designer working on separate Business and Technical Layers – common design platform for business and IT users.
  • Full integration with SharePoint 2010 – easy install, no extra database required, common Workbox and SharePoint user interface.
  • Ease of modifying and redesigning existing Sharepoint workflows – immediate process change adaptation. 
  • Setting permissions on SharePoint list column level – increase data and information security in SharePoint environment.
  • Detailed workflow history – reporting and decision support.

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