SharePoint interface optimizes user experience

Datapolis Process System is fully integrated with the SharePoint environment. Process participants can take a workflow action with a click on the context menu, list or ribbon, display form or edit form. Work Smart™ Menu ensures ease of operation and minimize staff training costs.


A graphical workflow history  to reveal bottlenecks

Datapolis Process System stores the history of each workflow instance presented as a history graph. Detailed workflow history presents information concerning the workflow initiation, duration of tasks and bottlenecks.


Custom forms to capture information correctly

Forms add user-interface layer to the process. They may be displayed when a user clicks to perform an action during the workflow. Thanks to Datapolis forms process participants can input data needs to achieve process goals in the easy way.


Interactive effects empower users to create workflows

Define a workflow role, attach it to a SharePoint group or user, then drag and drop it onto an action or a state.Hover your cursor over a role icon to see highlighted the actions available to that role.


Documentation generator for archiving and regulatory purposes

The documentation generator reads through a workflow sequence, processes all the states and actions, and lists them all with users responsible for them in the single document. The documentation created that way is ready for reporting and compliance and can be advantageous when transferring a job post or a project to another person.