Datapolis Workbox 2007

Datapolis Workbox is an advanced platform designed to create and manage business processes

Workbox is a practical tool for defining simple document flows, such as the flow of invoices, absences, sick leave or business trips, as well as modeling complex business processes based on a company’s IT systems. Thanks to implementation of the state workflow model, the processes may be modeled in an easy way and represented in a readable and understandable manner.

Designed for managers and analysts responsible for process management within a company

Datapolis Workbox has been created as a simple tool with powerful capabilities, which is easy for non-technical staff to understand and use.

The desig and implementation of processes does not require coding. The whole process may be created in the dedicated graphical designer and automatically deployed within  the SharePoint environment.

Graphical Designer

Part of Datapolis Workbox is a web-based graphical designer. Modeled processes are presented in a readable and clear way. The designer is very easy to understand and use. See more on our demo site.

Integration with SharePoint

One great advantage of Datapolis Workbox is its deep integration with the SharePoint platform. Datapolis Workbox was created as a SharePoint add-in. It does not have its own database and workflow engine. Datapolis Workbox utilizes SharePoint lists and libraries as a data repository and Windows Workflow Foundation as a workflow engine. Datapolis Workbox operates on the MOSS 2007 as well as WSS 3.0 platforms.


You can easily expand  Datapolis Workbox to suit your needs. Because of its open architecture, other companies may develop additional functionalities (for example data connectors for ERP or CRM systems) and deploy these in the Datapolis Workbox environment, thus enabling users to incorporate them in their workflows.

Language Versions

Datapolis Workbox is available in the following language versions: